What to see in St. Petersburg in Winter?

Winter in St. Petersburg is also an amazing time. The city turns into something different. It’s still a stone monolith on the banks of the Neva, still the city of..

What should you take in a trip to St. Petersburg?

You’ve already bought tickets and you will have an unforgettable vacation in the most beautiful city of Russia? To go well, do not forget to prepare well for it! Buy..

Autumn Festival in Peterhof

The tickets for the annual autumn festival in the Lower Park of Peterhof is now on sale. Also this event known to Petersburg citizens and guests of the city as..

The Hermitage invites you to visit the exhibition of exquisite furniture

Tours of the temporary exhibition “Furniture for All Body Fads”. The era of historicism in Russia. ” are held In the Hermitage now. Guests of the events will learn more..

“Alexandrinsky” International Theater Festival

On the New Stage of the theater will be the twelfth festival “Alexandrinsky”. This season, the program includes innovative performances from Britain, Belgium, Latvia and Russia. The source:

The Pavlovsk Museum has published the program of the new educational season

Lectures “Pavlovsky meetings” in the museum-preserve “Pavlovsk” announced plans for a year. In autumn and winter, a series of events will be held about the poet and translator of the..

St. Petersburg won several World Travel Awards

The Northern Capital received a prestigious award. It was the first in two categories. Overtaken the main cities of Great Britain, France, Italy, St. Petersburg became the title of the..

Urban graffiti

On the map 2GIS for different cities there was a new mode – graffiti. Objects of street art were noted on the streets, accompanied by photographs and descriptions. Indicated (if..

“Usadba (manor) Jazz” music festival

On the July of 28 on the territory of Elagin Island will held one of the most famous music festivals in Russia “Usadba Jazz”. On the territory of the festival..