Lectures “Pavlovsky meetings” in the museum-preserve “Pavlovsk” announced plans for a year.

In autumn and winter, a series of events will be held about the poet and translator of the Grand Duke Constantine Konstantinovich Romanov. This year marks the 160th anniversary of his birth. The second course is dedicated to the museum itself, it’s palaces and parks. All meetings take place in the concert hall of the palace and start at 14:00. The first lecture of the first cycle is scheduled for October 13. Poets, readers and musicians will take part in it. Then at the next meetings listeners will learn more about the work of the Grand Duke, his translations. The plan is following: a literary and musical composition “Not because I am a noble family …”, dedicated to the 160th anniversary of his birth; Poetic gift. Kaleidoscope of subjects and genres of poetry; translation and staging of the drama in Schiller’s verses “The Messianic Bride”; translation and staging of Shakespeare’s Hamlet tragedy; drama in verse “The King of the Jews” – the swan song of the poet.

The second set of lectures will tell you how Pavlovsk was created and the palace was built, what was an inspiration for it’s creators, and other interesting facts about the place and its inhabitants. The cycle plan: Palladianism in Europe and Russia in the XVIII century. Who is Andrea Palladio and why Pavlovsk Palace is called a Palladian villa; How and why in Europe there was a fashion for antiquity. Antiquity in Pavlovsk; Louis XVI and the birth of a new artistic taste. Pavlovsk and French taste; Egyptology and the work of architect Andrei Voronikhin in Pavlovsk. A four lecture ticket costs 450 rubles for adults. One-time ticket – 150 rubles. There are sales for pensioners.

The source: https://kudago.com/spb/news/pervaya-lektsiya-pervogo-tsikla/

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