Tours of the temporary exhibition “Furniture for All Body Fads”. The era of historicism in Russia. ” are held In the Hermitage now. Guests of the events will learn more about the various styles that have most clearly manifested themselves in applied art. Guests will examine 300 exhibits, including drawings and other images, watercolors and pieces of furniture. The nearest excursion will take place on August 22 at 18:15. Then the group will meet on August 25 at 14:45 and on August 29 at 18:15. The ticket for the tour costs 250 rubles. You need to buy it at the ticket office on the day of the event. The group gathers at the main ticket control.

In the Arena of the Small Hermitage you can see an exhibition dedicated to the interior of the century before last. In the era in question, classicism was replaced by historicism: people were keenly interested in the culture of different peoples and transferred their impressions to art and life. The exposition includes unique pieces of furniture that once adorned the halls of the Winter Palace and served as a style guide for contemporaries. Immediately you can see several dozens of chromolithographs published in European countries.

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