You’ve already bought tickets and you will have an unforgettable vacation in the most beautiful city of Russia?

To go well, do not forget to prepare well for it!

Buy a guide and think over the route in advance!

Collecting things for a trip to St. Petersburg should start … with the purchase of a good guide to this city! Petersburg is huge and multifaceted, and each will be interesting in its own way. Some guests, in an attempt to embrace the immensity, begin to literally rush about Peter – from museums to cathedrals, from monuments to galleries.

But you will not succeed to see everything. So it is better to make an approximate plan of moving around the city in advance and to plan places that you definitely want to visit for yourself.

So, off course, you will need really good cityguide. Do not buy cheap and thin brochures, with a minimum amount of text and poor-quality illustrations. They give the most approximate idea of ​​the city and only confuse. It is better to spend a little more money and buy a reliable publication, with detailed descriptions of attractions. Study the guide at least a week before the trip – in this case it will be more pleasant.

The clothes choice

To properly pack yourself to in St. Petersburg, you need to maximally rational approach to choosing clothes. Everyone knows that the weather is the most painful place of the Northern capital. Legends have already been built about its volatility. Rain in St. Petersburg can start quite suddenly, even if a bright sun shone a minute ago. So the first thing a tourist should take:

  • umbrella or raincoat;
  • tightly buttoned windbreaker, coat, sweatshirt;
  • headgear for the season – a cap, hat, panama, etc.

Together with the rain, a strong and uncomfortable wind often comes from the Gulf of Finland. It is especially unpleasant in the early spring and autumn. So if you are traveling at this time, be sure to grab:

  • a warm sweater covering the throat;
  • scarf;
  • demi seasonal gloves;
  • warm and tightly clasped outer clothing – coat, cardigan, jacket, etc .;
  • a warm hat.

The sweater will not be superfluous even in the summer – because of all the same unpredictable weather.

Choosing Shoes

What to take on a trip to St. Petersburg? Of course, comfortable shoes. Keep in mind: you will have to walk very much. It depends on the footwear, whether you can see the main sightseeing or not.

Regardless of the season, choose a closed and waterproof footwear for a trip to St. Petersburg. It is guaranteed to help you out in case of rain. The best options for walking shoes in the Northern capital:

  • semi-season shoes with a flexible sole, with a low heel or without it;
  • Running shoes or other light athletic shoes;
  • High-quality tourist boots, including – with high birches.

Shoes with high and massive heels, as well as sneakers and their varieties, it is better not to shoe. Open sandals are also not worth taking – if you still catch the St. Petersburg rain, you quickly get your feet wet. They will be required if you want to prepare for a trip to Turkey or to another Mediterranean country, because in the summer season the rains on the Mediterranean coasts are very rare and last no more than half an hour. Peter is a completely different story.

If we go to St. Petersburg for 3 days and plan to visit museums, you can buy shoe covers in advance – slippers made of cellophane. Many museums in the city do not allow street shoes, and digging in a box with various museum slippers is a dubious pleasure. Shoe covers are mere trifles and are sold literally in every pharmacy.

Should I take photo and video equipment?

Yes, off course! But keep in mind, you have to pay extra for permission to take photo in the Hermitage. The same rule applies in many other museums and galleries of the city.

Since you will surely have a lot of photo and video materials, take care of the consumables in advance. Do take with you:

  • multiple memory cards;
  • at least one spare battery;
  • filters and other accessories for the camera lens;
  • network charger.


Absolutely necessary things for a trip to St. Petersburg – products for a quick snack.

Put with you:

  • cookies or waffles;
  • several chocolate bars or a chocolate bar;
  • some fruits – apples, mandarins, etc.

Even a light snack will give you strength to continue your tour of the city.

It is also not bad to take a small thermos or a thermo mug with you. Although, it’s not a problem to drink tea or coffee in the northern capital, but it is always nice to have your thermos at hand.

First-aid kit, check documents

Naturally, you need to take care of the first aid kit. First put the plasters in it. They will be useful if you rub your feet while walking along the avenues of St. Petersburg.

Also, in advance, purchase several bags of soluble cold remedies. Unfortunately, the wet weather, rains and wind can make their own adjustments to your plans. The risk of catching a cold in Peter is great, so you always need to be ready for it.

Additionally in your medicine kit must be:

  • pills for indigestion;
  • remedies for headache and muscle pain;
  • Sterile bandage and several bactericidal patches;
  • cotton wool.

What to take with you on a trip to St. Petersburg, so as not to worry about a safe return home? Xerox copies of return tickets and your passport. Our advise – store them in the hotel safe where you left off. If you plan to live with friends or relatives, ask them to put the photocopies in a safe place.

Thiefs and street cheaters in Petersburg less than, for example, in the big cities of Italy. Nevertheless, we recommend that you keep your vigilance and keep your purse under your clothes, not in your outer pockets. Do not settle for “excursions”, which are offered by individuals on the street – it is better to use the services of a travel agency. Where to contact you already know)

Sincerely sure that St. Petersburg will make a particularly positive impression on you and will be remembered for a long time with its beauty. Pleasant rest and all the best!

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