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  • No more palaces! No more traffic! No more queues! Let's just have a walk around the biggest royal garden in Europe, let's enjoy fresh air, the nature in bloom and of course magnificent fountains and small pavilions of Peterhof, the Russian Versailles. Option 1: if you still want to see a tiny palace of Peter I or Catherine II, you will have a chance either. Option 2: it's possible to reach Peterhof on a hydrofoil (a fast boat)
    $150 $140
    Price for 2 adults
  • The Catherine's Palace is considered a pearl of Russia. Its baroque style rooms give an unforgettable impression. If you are really interested in the history of the Russian royal family or you just want to see something stunning, then you a must see the Catherine's Palace and its park.
    $170 $160
    Price for 2 adults
  • Want to take a break and enjoy the royal gardens and its fountains? Then spend a couple of hours on the shore of the Baltic sea - in the residence of Peterhof. A gorgeous fountain, gilded sculptures, small pavilions and long alleys will charm you with its beauty.
    Price for 2 adults
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    2-day tour

    Afueras, San Petersburgo
    See what amazing things are found in our magnificent city. The tour includes such pearls as the Hermitage, Catherine's Palace, Peterhof, metro ride, a visit to the Spilled Blood Church and so on.
    $660 $610
    Precio para 2 adultos