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  • Shoot an AK-47 (aka Kalashnikov)

    Saint-Petersburg, Suburbs
    Have fun with the Kalashnikov gun! Feel Russian! There is no more famous symbol of Russia except vodka, martrioshka and balalaika. The symbol is considered one of the most famous in the world. Of course, it is an AK-47 also known as the legendary Kalashnikov.
    Price for 2 adults
  • Limo excursion

    San Petersburgo
    Be a VIP! We offer a ride around the city of St. Petersburg on a limo! Get into the car, take a glass of wine and just relax and see most beautiful spots in the old town of the Northern Capital!
    Price for 2 adults
  • Helicopter excursion

    Fly high to the sky! Wave to your friends from above! Have an unforgettable trip over St. Petersburg and enjoy its views! Time to fly over the city streets! 
    Price for 2 adults