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One of the most memorable excursions is the boat trip on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. Discover that our city is located in the delta of the principal river Neva, which divides the city into several islands. The small rivers and canals create a huge water web covering the center. Water covers over 10% of the territory of St. Petersburg. That’s why our city is often called Northern Venice.
But Petersburg is not only rivers and canals but also hundreds of different bridges. There are wide granite and narrow pedestrian bridges, some long and others quite tiny. Together they create an unusual architectural ensemble and they are one of the most important sights here. But the most glaring feature of all the bridges is the draw bridges. Since their creation, the draw bridges became the symbol of the New Capital of Russian Empire. And during those wonderful and charming Polar Days, they gift our guests with an unbelievable sense of endless day.
Other interesting facts about the water web of St. Petersburg are:

300 is the quantity of the bridges in the city that interconnect over 50 islands.

29 summer nights of the Northern Capital are the Polar Days: when the night is just a light twilight covering the city for one-two hours and the sun rises again .
21 draw bridges link the embankments of the principal artery of the city Neva; the most beautiful time to see these bridges is the White Nights season.
74 km is the length of the principal river of the city, the Neva. The Neva and its embankments became an intrinsic part of the city panoramas; it connects the Ladoga Lake with the Golf of Finland but and is one of the rivers the strongest flows in Europe; inside the city its width numbers up to 1 kilometer and the depth is up to 25 meters.

NOTE: It’s recommended to book this tour with other excursions due to get the best price.

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