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Would you like to see the most beautiful local church outside and in? Want to enjoy an abundance of mosaic? Want to learn more about the name of the church? Then welcome to the Spilled Blood Church, the real pearl of city, an amazing masterpiece of so called Russian style. But the church is also famous due to its mosaic diversity: there are 7000 m2 of mosaic which decorate absolutely every part of the interior of the church. This monument is a must to see. If you haven’t seen a Russian church from the inside, you haven’t seen Russia. Let’s enjoy Russian culture in its purest form, let’s feel the Russian spirit and let’s finally learn more about the history of this incredible country.

NOTE: As the tour is quite short we recommend booking it together with other excursions to receive a discount on it.

NOTE: The museum is closed on Wednesdays

Paso 1
Reunión por hotel
Paso 2
Paseo hacia la iglesia de la sangre derramada
Paso 3
Disfrutando de la iglesia desde fuera
Paso 4
Un pequeño recorrido dentro de la iglesia
Paso 5
Fin del recorrido, continuación del programa o regreso al hotel

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