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If you’ve learned the city by day, we also recommend the nocturnal St. Petersburg. Believe us you won’t be disappointed as you will see and feel another side of St. Petersburg. The city is very well illuminated and is by night. You will have a ride on its night streets and squares and you will understand how the city lives by night, you will have another view on its important places of interest, you will finally see how Russians live by night and what’s happening to the city. And that’s not all. In the end of the trip, you’ll see something really unforgettable – the opening of the bridges. The thing is the opening of the bridges of St. Petersburg is a stunning beauty. And we strongly recommend to see how it happens.

Paso 1
Recogida en el hotel
Paso 2
Visita guiada por el casco antiguo con fotos
Paso 3
Encimeras por puentes dibujados para ver su apertura
Paso 4
Regreso al hotel

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  • Guide and staffs
  • A gift
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  • Camera and other non trek accessories
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