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The Hermitage is one the most important museums in the entire world: It is the third biggest museum, regarding the number of art pieces, in the world. You can find a huge collection of masterpieces, not only of the classical Western European art but also masterpieces of Ancient Greece or Egypt.
The Hermitage museum is not just a picture gallery but also gala halls and chambers belonging to Russian tsars. Buildings such as the Winter Palace, Small Hermitage, Old Hermitage, Theater of the Hermitage are part of that huge former residence of the tsars’ family. The Hermitage provides a great opportunity to get in touch with the everyday life of Russian Emperors and see the real splendorous interiors of the royal court.
The Hermitage Collections encompass not only paintings and sculptures of Western Europe, but offers also art from the Antiquity: Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome age and others. The collections include art of the Ancient East, Russian Art, numismatics and primitive society too.
Attention! This tour doesn’t stipulate a car. But if you need one, please let us know.

NOTE: The museum is closed on Mondays.

Paso 1
Encuentro por el Museo del Hermitage
Paso 2
Visita al palacio de invierno y salas de gala
Paso 3
Visita a la galería de cuadros de arte clásico y esculturas
Paso 4
Fin de la gira

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