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Rasputin. That name sounds very familiar for many tourists. But most of the people consider Rasputin as a lover of Catherine the Great or… Stop! Wasn’t it Catherine? They weren’t contemporaries?! Well, if you want to learn much more about Rasputin, who was that man and how the one was related to the royal family then welcome to the Yusupov Palace on the Moika River, the place where Rasputin spent last hours of his life.

This tour is a great chance to finally set the record straight in that story of Rasputin, to learn much more about that strange guy, to understand who was then man and to finally see the place he was murdered. And that’s not all we offer. You will see not just a chamber, but the entire palace of the Yusupovs. You will see how a normal Russian noble family used to live, which habit they had, how rich they were. So, book this tour to learn much more about Rasputin, Yusupov and about the history of Russia and its people.

NOTE: As the tour is quite short we recommend to book it together with other excursions to get a discount on it.


Paso 1
Reunión por hotel
Paso 2
Paseo al palacio de Yusupov
Paso 3
Visita de la cámara donde fue asesinado Rasputín
Paso 4
Visita a las salas de gala del palacio Yusupov
Paso 5 (opcional)
Visita de los salones de los Yusupovs
Paso 6
Regreso al hotel / Continuación del programa

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  • Guide and staffs
  • A gift
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  • Alcohol or Beverage
  • Camera and other non trek accessories
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